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justenquire.in -  a web portal ofEventus Infotech, provides a global solution of end-to-end job hiring and jobportal services. Our business strategy concentrates mainly on building acollaborative database of potential employees and employers who are in searchof right opportunities and candidates

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In any corporate business, having a rich pool of talent with niche skill sets to drive the business is very essential. Hence, hiring team and hiring process has become an integral part of any company nowadays.Due to the unpredictability of projects and their deadlines, the HR team has to be very swift and tech-savvy to select right candidates with spot-on skill sets which is required to get the job done. Hence it has become a need of the hour to have a good tool which helps in achieve all these aspects of hiring process:

1. Pocket friendly hiring process

2. Swift on boarding of candidates

3. User friendly tool

4. Wider reach for candidates

5. Data confidentiality

About Us

justenquire.in -  a web portal of Eventus Infotech, provides aglobal solution of end-to-end job hiring and job portal services. Our businessstrategy concentrates mainly on building a collaborative database of potentialemployees and employers who are in search of right opportunities and candidates.

Our flagship business model and strong database hasgiven our users a best platform to explore new opportunities and employers tosearch and narrow down the number of candidates to pin point the rightcandidates.

Apart from the regular nine-to-five full time jobs, wealso provide services to freelancing fraternity too. We provide advertisingposting services to part time and on-contract employees regarding their serviceson offer. Based on their expertise and time conveniences, they can choose theirpotential employers to work with.


Application Features

There are numerous aspects to hiring process. Both for a recruiter and a candidate, it will be very difficult to focus on many things at-a-time. Hence, everyone is in need of a holistic tool which covers all the aspects of hiring and candidature processes.

Keeping in mind these challenges, we conducted an internal survey and came up with a unique solution.

Our application covers these aspects of hiring processes of employers:

1. Creating company profile

2. Candidate searching

3. Create a job description

4. Job opening promotion

5. Application screening

6. Scheduling interviews

7. Background Verification on request

The application also covers these aspects for candidates in search of opportunities

1. Creating candidate profile

2. Job searching

3. Resume building

4. Resume assessment

5. Profile visibility and privacy settings

6. Mobile access

7. Reference checks

8. Employer reviews

What make us stand out from a number of other available job portals is our most user-friendly features. We constantly endeavour to make the online job-hunting experience and recruitment process even better and more convenient.